Making choices in 2013: bad luck or good luck, can you tell?

As the year 2012 draws to an end. I would like you to reflect on this Interesting story.

You have witnessed your resolutions both planned and dealt on you by “maktub” – it was written. You have had share of your pleasure and pain. Time is up and over 350 days have elapsed very fast. We have exactly 8 days to 1st January 2013.

Was your year a success and/or a failure? Now that is in annals of your odyssey (long journey full of experiences). It is within your letter “C”. You can choose to present your story to the audience as victorious or victimized adventure. The US President Theodore Roosevelt called you the “Man in the Arena”.  As you race from “B” – Birth to “D” – Death and the only alphabetical letter in between is “C”.

I urge you not to Fear but have Faith for a better Tomorrow, remember the lessons in the Past and celebrate the Present covered in Love for all the things you did or happened.

I am very grateful to all of you. You made a difference in my life.  I wish each one you a Merry Christmas in 2012 and Happy Prosperity in 2013.

Please read and have an in-depth reflection on this story below.


There once was very poor man living in a village who had a
very fine horse. So fine, in fact, that the Lord of the castle
wanted to buy it. But the old man always refused.

“To me this horse is not merely an animal. He’s a friend.
How could I sell you my friend?”

One morning he went to the stable and found his horse gone.

All the villagers said, “We told you! You should have sold
your horse. Now he’s been stolen instead. What terrible luck.”

“Bad luck or good luck,” the old man said. “Who can say?”

Everyone laughed at him. But 15 days later the horse returned,
followed by a whole herd of wild horses. He had escaped from the
stable, courted a young mare, and returned with the rest of
the herd following behind!

“What luck!” the villagers cried.

The old man and his son began training the wild horses. But
a week later the man’s son broke his leg trying to train one of
the horses.

“Bad luck,” said his friends. “What are you going to do now
without your son to help you? You who are already so poor.”

“Bad luck, good luck, who can say?” the old man replied.

A few days later an army belonging to the Lord of the Land
passed through the village and forced all the young men to become
soldiers. All… except the old man’s son, because of his broken

“How lucky you are,” the villagers cried. “All our children
are gone to war, but you’ve been able to keep your son. Our sons
will probably be killed…”

The old man replied, “Bad luck, good luck… who can say?”

The future comes to us in bits and pieces. We never know what
lies in store for us. But if you always maintain a positive
attitude the doors of chance remain open, and you will be a
happier person.

“Remember that happiness doesn’t depend on what you are or on
what you possess, but only on how you think.”
Dale Carnegie


“Contentment brings happiness even in poverty. Discontent brings
poverty, even in wealth.”


What have learned from the story?

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4 thoughts on “Making choices in 2013: bad luck or good luck, can you tell?

  1. Emmanuel Kilawa - January 17, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    Gabriel, today I have visited your blog. I found that it’s full of rich knowledge. What an Inspiring message this one was! Keep doing this good work and I wish you all the best. God bless you in all you plan to do. Happy New year 2013.

  2. Gabriel Lubale - January 17, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    Hi Emmanuel, Thank you very. I appreciate your both patronage and tour guide around the magnificent EnglishPoint Marina.

  3. Nagaka Otumbo Vincent - January 28, 2013 at 11:09 am

    Very Inspiring message Mr. Lubale.May God Bless. You have rejuvenated me.

  4. Daniel Musungu - February 16, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    Khotsa, I had not checked you site for sometime now. I like your new look,………. a PHD will be good with it. Your story is really inspiring. I like the strong will and determination of the old folk to live a stress free life and how he receives God’s favours for just having a Postive Mental Attitude (PMA) towards life. From the story I get every reason to wake up and face each new day with courage and gratitude.


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