Constitution and Governance Course


If you are student or lecturer in Law, Business management, Leadership, Corporate Governance courses at diploma and degree you will find these materials very useful in career. You can have a copy of the specially prepared notes and sample revision questions. Please contact me.

This is a core unit for the undergraduate students in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of  the Bachelor of Commerce (Bcom) of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. This Course introduces general principles of the Constitution of Kenya, Laws, Best Governance Practices and the Theories of Governance.

Course Delivery

The course will be conducted using these approaches:

  • Lectures to elaborate and reinforce the recommended reading materials
  • Group/class discussions
  • Assignments

Note: Participation in group assignments will contribute significantly to your final course grade. You are expected to complete preparatory reading prior to each class.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit the students are expected to be able to:

1)      Define the term Constitution and other terms related to Constitution and Governance.

2)      Explain the historical perspective, development, and principles governing the Constitution.

3)      Understand and distinguish the Parliamentary System of Governance and Federal System of Governance.

4)      Discuss the Electoral System of Kenya.

5)      Explain the Rights and freedom of an individual.

6)      Understand the System of Local Authorities in Kenya.

7)      Discuss the Governance and best practices of Corporate Governance.

8)      Understand the Theories of Governance.

Course Plan

Detailed log e-mailed to the students’ inbox.

Main course Text

  • Tudor Jackson (1986), the Law of Kenya an Introduction, Kenya Literature Bureau, Nairobi
  • The Constitution of Kenya – Promulgated on 27 August 2010

Other Recommended Textbooks, Laws And Electronic Sources

Hawke Constance, (2001), Computer and Internet use on Campus, S. Jossey-Bass Inc., California, USA.

Kivutha Kibwana, (1990), Fundamental Rights and Freedoms in Kenya, Nairobi

N.A. Saleemi, (2009), General Principles of Law Simplified, Saleemi Publications Ltd., Nairobi

N.A. Saleemi, (2009), Company Law Simplified, Saleemi Publications Ltd., Nairobi

Ogola John Joseph (2010), Business law, 2nd Edition, Focus Publishers Ltd, Nairobi

Websites – official website of Constitutional Implementation Commission  – official website of the National Council for Law Reporting (Kenya) Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia

Any other relevant reading Materials

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